He runs dance classes in Złocieniec Culture Centre every Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm.


  • How long have you been teaching to dance and what made you start this career?
  • My female friends of your age, it was back in time of secondary school and later on as well. My female friends wanted to dance very much but I like all boys at that time didn’t want to do it. Finally they managed to encourage me to do it. And later I joined a choreography school where I met my wife who was already a choreographer. And since that time we have been a couple in private life and partners in artistic and concert life.
  • What type of dance do you teach?
  • What I teach here is ballroom dancing, but the purpose is not to prepare my students for a stage or public performing. We do it just to have more fun, move better and spend time nicely. The first classes were the chance to learn some folk dance.
  • What do you think about people who are taking part in the course here and what’s your opinion on the cooperation with your students?
  • The cooperation is professional, it’s fantastic that there are people who are adults, people more mature and young people together here. Everybody has a great time and learns. The fact that these people are willing to do is wonderful. Unfortunately, nowadays it is often difficult to find a partner to dance, and it is a pity as in Złocieniec there have always been big traditions.
  • Thank you very much for letting us carrying an interview with you. 
  • Thank you too.


Swedish students on internship in ”little Rome”

Students from Vipan vocational secondary school complete a three-week internship in various companies in the Spanish city of Merida (the Roman city Emerita Augusta) in southwestern Spain. They are three electricity and energy students and two Commerce and Administration student. One of them, Dorotina, have you met earlier. Rolf, Tobias and I followed the first week to help them start. Now they are there themselves and are doing very well.

Folk and Dance in Złocieniec

On 27 January our students took part in the show called “Old-Polish Sleigh Party” in the Złocieniec Culture Centre. The show was prepared by the Folk and Dance Group „INA” from Goleniów. It is one of the largest and most popular groups in the region. “INA” has also a long history of more than 20 years and many achievements. Furthermore, what makes it so special is the fact that it unites a few generations and creates a family-like atmosphere.

During the performance we a chance to experience the mix of wonderful music, talents, energy and colours. Firstly, the audience could see some traditional dances from different parts of Poland. Then we could learn more about old Polish traditions of spending the time of carnival, which was a sleigh-party. Dancing, singing, making toasts and sketches- they were all a part of traditional feasting at that time. What’s more, the audience was invited to take part in singing as well.