Dancing in Gimnazjum

As you all know the topic of our project is dance this term. We decided to put theory into practice and invited Katarzyna Maciąg, who is a certified Zumba fitness instructor, to run classes of Zumba for all those who were willing to give it a go.  We had a great time although we could hardly breathe and move afterwards.  But it was definitely worth it. We even had the chance to dance to a Polish folk song. Zumba is fun, energy and fantastic music. We will definitely try again!

Competition ”How to behave in a job interview”

Three groups participated in competition

Our pupils have done excellent work in preparing guidelines and corresponding videos to show the best way of applying for a job.

What should one wear? How should one behave durig an interview? What should be prepared for the interview?

With photo collages, posters and videos they demonstrated their knowledge on the topic:

Among the 2nd prize winners: Lucas and Niko (year 9):

Our first prize winners (Moritz, Lara, Anna and Jule – year 11):

120.000 Dance Groups and Their Performances In a Day



Colorful Open-Air Shows

On April 23rd, children of the schools presented their dance shows on a platform which were especially designed for them in their schoolyards. During the events that were open to public, children’s parents , had a great and joyous time.

The dance shows of the groups from different ages, from kindergarden to eight year students,  were met with a great interest.

In Turkey there are about 45.000  primary and secondary schools and in each festival about 120.000 dance groups show their performances in different platforms. This is the biggest dance show in the World.

Children From All Over The World Come Together in Turkey

39 th TRT International April 23 rd Children’s Festival will be held in Nevşehir this year.

39 th TRT International April 23 rd Children’s Festival will be held in Nevşehir this year.The only children’s festival of the World that was dedicated to the Turkish Children by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is the founder of Turkish Republic will be again celebrated ebulliently this year. The children from all over the World will come together in Nevşehir for the 39th time.TRT 23 April International Children Festival will be celebrated between April 18-26 with the participation of nearly 30 countries. The festival will be carried out by the organisation of TRT in the city center of Nevşehir, Avanos, Ürgüp, Uçhisar, Ortahisar and Göreme this year.Being in the first place contributions of the Governorship and the Municipality of Nevşehir, the festival will be organized collaboratively by the government agencies and the private organizations and many groups consisting approximately 14- 16 children between the ages of 9-13 and having 2 hosts or hostesses will be participating in the festival. Our guests of children who will enthusiastically participate in this children’s festival will be greeted by “Coeval Childs” and the families with child who will be rigorously selected by the Governorship and the Provincial Directorate for National Education to be able to let them closely learn our country and culture.

During the festival the children from all over the World will be able to show their dance performances .

Training in entrepreneurship before the start of the new youth enterprises at Vipan, Lund (Sweden)

Before we start the new round of young enterprises, we start with cooperation exercises. The first exercise is to try to make a high tower using spagheti and marshmallows. The challenge is How to Build a tall Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower in 18 minutes. To build the tallest free-standing tower as possible of spaghetti that hold to put a marshmallow on top. Although exercise can be done as a competition, it did not matter how high the tower will be – or if it even remains – but how everyone works together.