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Månad: juni 2017

German presentation at the meeting in Jaunpils

This is the presentation Niko and Pia gave the first day of our meeting in Jaunpils:

Dance – Präsentation

An interview with a dancer – Pia tells us about her exotic dance hobby ”belly dancing”

I = Interviewer            P = Pia

I: So I want to talk to you about dancing. Which kind of dance do you do and for how long?
P: I have been doing belly dancing for almost 6 years now.
I: That is a really special kind of dance. Why did you choose belly dancing?
P: To be hones,t there was not a specific reason when I started belly dancing. I wanted to try a new kind of dance since I had already been doing hip hop, jazz dance and ballet belly dancing was a new option. Also I guess I was fascinated by the costumes and the new music.
I: And what do you enjoy most about it now?
P: Probably the movements and still the music. Also the varieties you have. There are a lot of different styles, because it is present in a lot of different cultures.
I: Very interesting. So where do you dance ?
P: I used to dance in a studio in Lippstadt. It was really special, because it was decorated in the orient style. It wa really comfortable, but then my dancing teacher quit her job and the studio to travel around the world. So our new dancing teacher is a woman from the studio. We have been dancing at the TSC Castell in Lippsatdt for almost 3 years now.
I: And in what kind of group are you?
P: We have a group for children, but I am too old for them so I dance with the adults. At the beginning it was a bit weird, because they are way older than me, but now we all get along very well.
I: Yeah, I can imagine that. How often do you have training?
P: Usually once a week but when we have a show we often have special training.
I: Speaking about shows, where do you show your choreographies?
P: We had the chance to show one of our choreographies at a belly dancing fair in Hannover. It is huge and you can go to a bazar, visit shows and take classes. But normally we just dance at small regional festivals.
I: And you dance in costumes?
P: Yes, we dance in self sewed costumes which takes a lot of time. We buy extra supplies and sometimes whole costumes but they are really expensive. A whole costume can cost about 200 to 300 Euros.
I: And in which clothes do you train?
P: We dance in normal gym clothes and belly dancing belt.
I: Alright, thank you very much for the interview and I wish you good luck for the next shows.
P: Thank you.


Newspaper article about our meeting in Jaunpils/ Latvia

In the latest edition of our local paper ”Lippstadt am Sonntag” you’ll find a great picture and a report about our meeting in Jaunpils.

Just follow the link below:

Zeitungsartikel Lippstadt am Sonntag


Another great picture of our pupils in one of the regional newspapers from Lippstadt:










Students from six different countries learned Latvian folk dance at Jaunpils, within an Erasmus + project

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