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Månad: november 2017

Złocieniec Local Press on Erasmus+ Project

Latvian newspaper wrote about our Erasmus + meeting in Lund, Sweden

Jaunpils Secondary School, working together with colleagues in Germany, Poland, Italy and Turkey, has been working together since last year and is looking for solutions to current problems. For example, last year in Poland they discussed youth employment, but just recently – in October, there were meetings in Sweden where they talked about the issue of ”Migration”.

In Lund, Vipan Gymnasium, Jaunpils Secondary School was represented by two schoolchildren in the 7th grade – Tina Birgele and Therese Rautsepa, and two teachers Anita Marčinkus and Valentīna Rubīna. Preparations have  been made to go to Sweden to represent their country and school – presentations on migration issues  in the county, on how migration directly affects pupils’ families.


Jaunpils jaunieši Zviedrijā diskutē par migrāciju

Explore the World

On Friday 17th November our students had the opportunity to meet an amazing explorer and traveller- Mr. Rafał Paluszkiewicz who left Poland and decided to explore the world by hitchhiking.
During his presentation students could learn about unusual ways of travelling. They could see and listen about other parts of the world, about people who live there and about different cultures. The pictures from the presentation took students from Europe to Africa, North and South America, Antarctica showing the beauty of nature and various civilazations. A great geography and social studies lesson. Hope to have such guests more often.


Why do people migrate?

A game that explains why people sometimes have to leave their countries and search for a safe place. It was made by UNHCR.


Erasmus+ Information Board on Migration in Złocieniec

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