Global Learning for Mind and Heart

This website is dedicated to the project “Global Learning for Mind and Heart” an Erasmus + project in which six schools in six different countries collaborates. The coordinator of the project is Anna Arcimowicz and Małgorzata Głodek, headmistress of Gimnazjum nr 1 Im. Bohaterów Monte Cassino, Złocieniec, Poland. The other five participating schools are:  Izmir Anadolu Lisesi, Izmir, Turkey, Jaunpils vidusskola, Jaunpils, Latvia, Evangelisches Gymnasium Lippstadt, Nordheim-Westfalen, Germany, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “G.A. Pischedda”, Bosa, Sardinien, Italy, and Gymnasieskolan Vipan, Lund, Sweden.

The project concentrates on the following topics:

1) Entrepreneurship and unemployment

2) Dance

3) Tourism

4) Famous people

5) Migration

6) Art



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