The third session of the project: traveling to Kolobrzeg by the Baltic Sea

We started the day after breakfast with a tour to Kolobrzeg, the former Kolberg, located in the Baltic Sea coast 90 km north of Złocieniec. The trip took two hours through narrow country roads. We could see the beautiful Pomeranian countryside. When we arrived to Kołobrzeg we went directly to see the Mayor’s of Kolobrzeg,Janusz Gromek, who received us in Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji, a modern sports and recreation facility. He presented the city and its business community for us. Then we got a presentation of the city’s employment situation and the particular situation of a tourist magnet, where more than one million health tourists visit the city annually. The city, which has 57,000 inhabitants, has a capacity of 50,000 beds. From the city goes ferry service to Bornholm in Denmark.

The towns history begin as a Slavic settlement  at the site of modern Budzistowo. Thietmar of Merseburg first mentioned the site as Salsa Cholbergiensis. The city later joined the Hanseatic League. Within the Duchy of Pomerania, the town was the urban center of the secular reign of the prince-bishops of Cammin and their residence throughout the High and Late Middle Ages.

The Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century brought the period of prosperity to an end. Following the war, Kolobrzeg and the whole West Pomeranian region became a part of Brandenburg under the Westphalian peace treaty, and then later passed into the hands of Prussia. In addition, the end of the Hanseatic League hindered the development of commerce in the town.

During the Napoleonic Wars in 1807, Kolobrzeg was a military fortress that was never taken by hostile forces, neither then nor in World War II. However, much of the old fortifications remain to this day. From 1872 Kolobrzeg no longer functioned as a military fortress – instead it was quickly transformed into a health resort with railway connections to Berlin, Poznan, Gdansk and Szczecin.img_3123

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