November 7th we visited Örtofta. An interesting workplace: Nordic Sugar in Örtofta, Sweden

Nordic Sugar Örtofta is one of the largest and most efficient sugar-producing facilities in 551573Europe.

During the production season, called the campaign, and running from mid-September to mid-January the facility operates around the clock, seven days a week. In this period Nordic Sugar Örtofta receives and processes around 2 million tones of beet, turning this volume into high- quality sugar and feed products. Around 600 truckloads of beet are delivered to Örtofta every day of the campaign. The sugar beets are supplied by approx. 2,000 beet growers. The facility has a daily processing capacity of 18,500 tonnes of beet.

Annual production in Sweden (2014/15):

382,000 tonnes of sugar

Beet-based feed products:

69,000 tonnes of HP-Pulp

4,000 tonnes of molassed sugar beet pellets

58,000 tonnes of molasses


Approximately half of the white granulated sugar output is sold to the retail market under Dansukker ® brand, the other half to the food industry. Nordic Sugar Örtofta also handles Nordic Sugar’s Fibrex® dietary fibre production at Köpingebro plant.

The site employs around 160 people. During the production campaign close to 80 seasonal workers also there. The majority of the employees are engaged in the production as machine operators, process operators and service engineers (within electrical maintenance or automation), as well as at the laboratory.

Surplus heat benefit households in Lund, Lomma and Eslöv

Örtofta also transfers heat to Lund and Eslöv via a district heating pipe so that the energy from the sugar mill is not wasted. Örtofta Agency is a biomass power plants that produce heat equivalent to half the district heating demand in Eslöv, Lund and Lomma (500 GWh) and electricity to meet the annual requirement of Eslöv (220 GWh)

Nordic Sugar’s Örtofta plant in Sweden started the beet campaign on 11 September. This year, the company expects to increase its supply of surplus heat to energy company Lunds Energi. Close to 50,000 households stand to benefit from the increased supply of surplus heat as Lunds Energi has combined the district heating grids in Lomma, Lund and Eslöv.

November 7th we visited Örtofta.1024px-ortofta_sockerbruk_2800px-ortofta_sockerbruk_1589595593

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