Entrepreneurship can be taught

Our students have launched many different companies in partnership with Junior Achievement Sweden.

Junior Achievement Sweden provides educational programs in entrepreneurship for students in high school. The programs are designed to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship and to give students insight into business conditions.

The philosophy of Junior Achievement Sweden is that entrepreneurship can be taught.

Junior Achievement Sweden’s most recognized educational program is called the Company Program (UF-företagande). The Company Program provides high school students the opportunity to start and run a business during an academic year.



Outreach UF is an organization that works with young people newly arrived to Sweden. Our goal is to form community and acceptance of these young people by doing various activities and competitions. We will organize various activities in which young people have choices to what activities they want to do.



Selling designer glasses to design conscious customers at a reasonable price



We make your everyday life easier with our sustainable products that keeps your phone alive. With our experienced staff we offer you the best service.



We at Good Vibes want to inspire people to a more healthy and wholesome lifestyle by offering our customers good and healthy drinks. We want our customers to feel that this is very interesting and positive offer. It is simple, tasty and healthy.



Our three dedicated students at Simple Candles UF offers you scented candles with different fragrances. To a cheap price and with great quality we’ll make sure to brighten up your living.

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