Students from Jaunspils vidusskola went to Kuldiga Technology and Tourism School

On January 4 2017 the pupils of the tourism commerce group of Jaunpils vidusskola went on an educational trip organised by Kuldīga Technology and Tourism School. The route of the trip was Jaunpils – Kuldīga – Īvande – Ēdole- Alsunga – Jūrkalne – Kuldīga – Jaunpils. The aim of the trip – to get to know interesting tourism objects, sights, to meet people who work in different areas of tourism and to work out their own tourism routes along Kurzeme region in the nearest future. Pupils had an opportunity to take part in a tourism marketing lesson in Jūrkalne and to get acquainted with the SWOT analysis carried out by chef executives of Pilsberģi Tourism Company, to see Pilsberģi hotel, to have lunch at Pilsberģi restaurant, to visit Alsunga Livonia Order Castle, Ēdole Castle, Īvande Manor, to see the monument Zviedru bura (Swedish Sail) and the steep coast of the Baltic sea in Jūrkalne.

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