Movement Festival “Jaunpils 2017” alongside the original dance performances will be staged in unprecedented environmental performances

        Thinking about tomorrow, is time to  think green! Updating environment-friendly lifestyles, traditional motion Festival “Jaunpils 2017” this year thrilled members with new discipline, calling the dancers rehearse Green belt environmental performances by emphasizing ecology, the natural beauty, danced their elation going the costumes from recycled material or environmental materials, etc.

Login is a member of the Festival movement “Jaunpils 2017”, which will take place this year on April 28 in Jaunpils Castle. Festival are invited to participate in the Latvian educational institutions and Dance Studio students under the age of 18 years, and ever new dancers, playing a 4-minute long movement performances. Members login happens to 20 April, sending applications to email or call the Festival organizers for to Irene Martuzane by phone 26464378.

This year the movement Festival “Jaunpils 2017” is particularly focused on eco-friendly lifestyles, updating the Green thinking, Nature Conservancy, and the ecological value of the landing. Parallel to the diverse traditional dance performances, this year’s special role in the festival devoted to the Green belt environmental performances, in which the participants invited to the show dance by natural beauty, to update environmental problems, to represent the processes in nature or make to costumes from recycled material or natural materials. Festival day will run the environmental education games, creative workshops and other entertainment for audiences of different ages.

Jaunpils movement Festival traditionally organizes the society of “Culture laboratory”,  SIA ” Green belt”, a movement Studio “Mike” and municipal agency “Jaunpils”, gathering hundreds of dancers from all over Latvia.


Additional information on the progress of the Festival:


Phone: 2 6464378



Additional information about the Green belt environmental performances:


Phone: 2 6710793


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