The first day was a hard day, but very interesting, well-organized and unforgettable

Today we started already at 8:50 in the morning. We teachers had our breakfast at 7.30pm and the bus was waiting for us to drive us to school. There the principal and all teachers waited. It started with a magnificent show, with many talented young dancers. We already knew a couple of them from the meeting in Poland, where they had danced for us. It was amazing. Then we were welcomed by the school’s principal and received a bag of presents, including a nice t-shirt designed for this occasion.

Then we went to different activities and made sweets and much more, together with school students, all of whom were very nice and spoke very good english.Then we all came to the gym where we watched a lesson that Andres held with his talented students. Then Irena appeared with a group of dancers and held a hard but very nice workout with all guests, both teachers and students. It was exhausting, but we all became excited and happy after that.

It was nice to have some rest after the workout, with food and drink, but we had to hurry to the next workout, immediately after the meal.Then all groups presented their countries, cities and schools. The students were incredibly talented and held interesting and well-planned presentations. Then the students went with their hosts and the teachers stopped a stud for a brief discussion of their impressions and experiences of Erasmus +.

Then we all walked together to the city’s castle, where we played a medieval roleplay. We were received by City Mayor Ligita Gintere and we shared our presents and received gifts from her, who also invited us to a very beautiful table full of local delights. Finally we were invited to a very good medieval dinner.


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