Erasmus + meeting in Jaunpils, fourth day

For teachers, this day was a hard day of planning and administration ahead of the project. All the coordinators gathered in the office of the principal while the students and the rest of the teachers worked with artistic production. After lunch, we repeated for the big final show in which we all should participate acting and dancing.

After the rehearsal at the castle, we all went together for a long walk, which ended in the woods. There a group of teachers awaited us with many planned activities, which we did not know about. It started with a warming where we chased each other and collected as many “tails” we could. We were really heated! Then we got into the school divided into groups for a long orientation with a map in our hands, where different controls were highlighted. Once we’ve found the controls, we need to do some exercises, individually and in groups. Some group came first and some group came a little later, but everyone was happy and sweaty. Meanwhile, the sport teachers had made fires and offered us soup, sausages and fries. A hot cup of tea strengthened us before the big end of the day, collective dance. The powers of heaven were gracious to us so the weather was perfect for these activities, and the forest became a great scene for all this. One day in Jaunpils, none of us will ever forget.

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