From Eastern to Western Borders- Polish Migrations

Our students prepared the project on the topic connected with migration. The project was called “From Eastern To Western Borders”. After the Second World War our region West Pomerania was populated by people from many different parts of the country, who were forced to migrate because of the wartime consequences and as the state borders were changed. This assignment allowed students to find out where they are from and arouse their interests in their ancestors’ origins and lifetime stories. Under the supervision of history and social studies teacher Ewa Kilian the students did the research among their peers and then presented the findings at the conference of European Heritage Days on 16th September 2017 in Siemczyno Palace. What is more, a special interactive map of Poland within the borders before 1939 was prepared and everyone could point out what town or village their grandparents or great grandparents were born. This project has definitely made us all realize that everyone may become a migrant even against their own will or wishes.

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