Greek Guest at Gimnazjum in Złocieniec

As we all know, migration is the topic of „Global Learning for Mind and Heart” project this term. That’s why, we invited Mr Lazaros Panagiotidhs, who is a native-born Greek, but his private and professional life is divided between other countries: Poland and Holland. At first he spoke about the reasons for which he chose to emigrate. He talked about his impressions on his stay in Poland, Holland and Germany, where he had worked as well. The students wished to know if and what kind of problems he had with settling down and whether he found it difficult to make new friends and acquaintances. He was also asked about the differences between life in Poland and in Greece and what he missed the most living in a foreign land. Lazaros said that he didn’t consider Poland a foreign country any more. In his mind and heart Poland has become his second home, but he misses vegetables which in Greece taste and smell differently.️ At the end of the meeting Lazaros encouraged us to visit Greece which we hope might happen one day.



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