A trip to the German Emigration Centre in Bremerhaven

Our Erasmus+ group and two Geography classes from Years 9, 10 and 11 traveled to Bremerhaven on November 28th. The destination was the German Emigration Centre, where the history of migration to Germany and from Germany is presented in a modern and interesting way.

The day for the 52 pupils and two teachers (Wolfgang Marcus and Luisa Mena Meier) left Lippstadt at around 8 in the morning and came back about 12 hours later. A very long day with a lot to see…

While at the museum the pupils’s task was to take pictures and take notes of the – for them – most impressive and moving stories. On our school homepage you can find more photos and more reports.

Here are some personal reports of the pupils who visited the museum:

Theresa (Year 9): “I really liked the museum. It was really realistic and it became interesting because of the fact that one had the role of an emigrant while walking through it. With a card one could follow the life of a person through the museum.”

Annsophie (Year 11): “The tour began and we could empathize with how an immigration to Germany was like.”

Niko (Year 10): “All in all, this study trip was a great way to see the push- and pull factors in a very illustrative way.”

Here are some of the pictures taken by the pupils:



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