Second day in Bosa, April 10th: Nature and tourism, leather preparation and reception at the city mayor

Early in the morning we started at school for a bus trip to Tinnura.  This time we were not interested in the amazing murals but in Laore Sardinia, the agency for the implementation of regional programs in agriculture and rural development. It promotes the integrated development of rural territories and the environmental compatibility of agricultural activities, favoring the multifunctionality of enterprises, territorial specificities, quality production and market competitiveness. We received a review of knowledgeable speakers who spoke of the unique nature of Sardinia and its value for sustainable tourism, combined with profitable farming, by nurturing and developing the native fruit. We also participated in a workshop on how to develop plants by adding cuttings.

After lunch, we visited an old skin preparation facility, an activity that was very important to Bosa from the 1700s to 1962, because its 35 different companies employed about 600 workers, a large part of Bosa’s population at that time.  Last program point this day war a reception at the city mayor, Luigi Mastino.

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