Third day in Bosa. A trip to nature. April 11th, 2018

Today, I would like to tell you how we met Hugo. We walked in a beautiful national park and learned about the life of ancient times in Sardinia. The shepherd lives in their isolated stone cottages (have you seen the film “Padre Padrone”?) Surrounded by nature, silence and darkness. We also learned about charcoal production and the iron’s laborious processing in the woods. We walked several miles in the rough terrain and eventually came to the national park office and watch tower. There we ate our sandwiches. I walked around the cottage and found Hugo! Look how beautiful he is!

This activity fits very well under the theme of “tourism”, which is the main objective of this mobility. We have been able to experience how sustainable tourism can develop into becoming an important nutrition without destroying nature. An undisturbed nature is Sardinia’s best competitive advantage. Caring for and preserving the old natural environment, taking care of flora and fauna, helping young people become aware of their inheritance is therefore of utmost importance. The result is around us.

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