Fith day, April 13th 2018. Between Jupiter and Neptune.

Today, Jupiter gave us sun and heat. we were lucky, because we have been hiking all day. We traveled from Bosa to Alghero at 09:30 with the school bus. It’s a journey that takes about an hour and a quarter on a road with the longest straight at about 100m. The beauty of the landscape compensates the curves, but it’s not the easiest trip, by the way, the same route we’ll go tomorrow on the road to the airport. Alghero is beautiful and tranquil. The city is called little Barcelona (Barceloneta) and there you can hear Catalan spoken, but only by about 20% of the population. Our first goal was “Gruta de Neptuno” (Neptune’s cave) but when we got there it was closed for the sea was too dangerous, the guards told us. If we had been allowed to go down the sharp rock, through the 600 steps leading to the cave, we could see something amazing and beautiful. But unfortunately nothing to do about it, just look happy and enjoy the weather, quench the thirst and make a go to the toilet; the one is connected to the other because you can not use the toilet that is located in the beautiful restaurant, if you do not consume anything. We do not complain, because it was hot and suddenly felt like it was the right summer and we are thanking for that. Then we headed for a beach below one of the 56 towers that guard the Oristano area and there we ate our food. Next gol became the city itself and there we could walk among the old charming houses, through the narrow alleys and the tranquil quay. Had we been here in the summer months, we could not have felt the same sense of museal calm. The traffic in the historic center was almost nonexistent, except for some fancy old Fiat, or some small trucks. Alghero is a city that you would like to return to, like Bosa and all of beautiful Sardinia.

PS Jupiter was the king of gods and weather god in Ancient Rome. Neptune was the god of the Sea.

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