Fourth day in Bosa. Presentations and Nature Conservation. April 12th 2018

So, finally, came the day when the students would present their work to the project team. The reports contained thorough analyzes of three key variables: 1) The extent of tourism and its economic impact in their own country’s GDP. 2) The impact of tourism on employment, in the country as a whole and in their own region. 3) Awareness that development of tourism must be done without sacrificing the principle of sustainability.

Each country accounted for its comparative advantages in terms of nature, history, art, music, gastronomy, transport opportunities and possibilities for unique experiences. All represented regions had something unique to offer visitors: magnificent nature, winter sports, big and modern world metropolis, small and pintoresque villages, handwork, beautiful and warm weather, comfortable hotels, etc.

The presentations were made using Power Point and films, and the students consistently demonstrated good English proficiency and good ability to express themselves in speech and writing.

In the afternoon, a visit to a wildlife reserve was planned. We would have had the opportunity to observe the vultures that live in freedom, not far from Bosa. The weather, rain and low clouds, however, prevented us from visiting the reserve.  Instead we gota a lesson on the protection of biodiversity and the protection of endangered species from one of those responsible for the project “Life under Griffon Wings” Bosa’s fauna oasis. The project is developed by the University of Sassari in partnership with the City of Bosa, the Ente Foreste della Sardegna and the Corpo Forestale di Vigilanza Ambientale.

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