We also need more sustainable tourism to save our planet!

One group has researched sustainable tourism and in how far we German people try to integrate it into our touristic program!

Sustainable Tourism in Germany

  • The German Ministry of the environment, the German federal environment protection agency and the German Tourism Association announced the competition „Bundeswettbewerb 2016/17 “Nachhaltige Tourismusdestinationen in Deutschland“ and about 40 destinations were part of it.
  • Winner: Biosphere Reserve Schwäbische Alb
  • Special prizes: – Sustainable Mobility: Sächsische Schweiz

-biological variety and natural experience: Peeneregion Vorpommern

– Climateprotection, resources and energy efficiency: Nordseeinsel Juist

– visible regionality: Allgäu

Schwäbische Alb

  • Logical, sustainable adjustment
  • Par excellence sustainable tourism of the regional development speeds up à the regional economy and natural associations and tourism associations strengthens, as well as municipalities, enterprises and citizens move in a rope and work together, so that there is a bygone WE – feeling.
  • Appear contagious engagement, what you can see in high-quality products and offers for guests:

– Courts typical for nightmare, the “biosphere host”

– Exploratory expeditions of the “biosphere ambassadors” by the living spaces of UNESCO – biosphere reserve

– “ALBGEMACHT” as the regional brand which promotes biological variety and recipes

– NestingfacilitiesteachingpathnearbytheinformationcentreLauterbach

– 2 view telescopes in the biosphere reserve

– Local authority districts and biological variety: Exemplary conversion of nature protection measures with accompanying public relations in various towns



Peeneregion Vorpommern

  • Tourism and nature protection function hand in hand
  • Initiative of the tourism association Vorpommern e.V., Netzwerk Abenteuer Flusslandschaft, HOP e.V., Naturpark Flusslandschaft Peenetal
  • Aim: Nature Protection connected with biological variety, with preservation and a sustainable experience
  • Sustainable offers for guests: Prime example is the „Peenesafari“ in a solar boat. This lighthouse – offer should make biological variety especially experienceable and protects it at the same time. The safari takes place with certified natural leaders and scenery leaders who hold the sturgeon factor for the ecosystem so slightly as possible. One finds out the immediate experience and can observe the open space.
  • Natural experience and environmental education are combined here with regional gourmet cuisine and high travel comfort.


These are one organisation that certifies sustainable tourism attractions and one is a travel agency to specifically search for sustainable travel possibilities.


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