Regional Club in Our School

During the whole last school year we had a regional club functioning in our school. Our geography and history teachers were working with the students on many aspects connected with our region. The  pupils were learning about its history, traditions and geographical features. As the last task they chose to see its beauty by themselves. The students went on a trip to see the regional attractions such as the ruins of a medieval castle in a village Stare Drawsko, picturesque scenery of a health resort Polczyn Zdroj and loveliness of natural landscapes of Drawa Lake District. Everyone had a great time, especially dressing up as medieval knights and ladies gave the students a lot of joy. It was a good lesson for students to learn that touristic attractions might be found nearby as well.


Trip to Szczecin- the capital city of West Pomerania

On Monday 18th June we visited the capital city of our region Szczecin. It is the largest city of West Pomerania and full of touristic attractions and rich history. First we decided to have some fun and experience adventure at the FUN-JUMP Park. It turned out to be extremely tiring but absolutely exciting. No wonder it is one of the most visited attractions in the city. Next there was time to explore the history of Szczecin. We saw the Szczecin Underground Routes. We learned a lot about the World War II, the damages that were done to this industrialised city and the time just after the war when Polish migrants were coming from other parts of the country and the regions which used to be Polish territories before 1939. At the end of our trip we went for a walk around the city admiring the beautiful architecture of the city. It was a great day for all of us!


Tourism Survey Analysis in Złocieniec


We asked 80 students between 13 and 16 years old about the way they spend their holidays and the way they would like to spend them. The survey was a multiple choice one and the respondents  could choose more than one answer. What’s more, they could give their own answers and ideas.

According to the survey majority of our students usually go on holiday  within Poland while 20 per cent go abroad. Unfortunately almost 20 per cent stay home and don’t go anywhere during their holidays. Among those who spend their holidays outside their home town 20 per cent go to a camp, 35 per cent travel with their parents and 40 per cent visit their families.

The next question was Where would you choose to spend your ideal holiday? The students could name a country, region or city. The most popular holiday destinations turned out to be  Spain, the USA, Japan and Greece, France and England. Some mentioned Dubai, Jamaica, Hawaii or China.

41 per cent of the respondents think that our town and surroundings are attractive for tourists. They point out that there are clean lakes, rivers and forests. But 59 per cent don’t agree with this statement. They claims that there aren’t enough attractions such as monuments or shopping centres.

The next question’s aim was to check how the students spend their summer holidays while being in Złocieniec. 70 per cent enjoy swimming in lakes and almost 40 per cent goes cycling. However, not many people go camping (9 per cent) or go by boat/ kayaking (17 per cent). Sadly, 17 per cent do none of these activities which our surroundings offer.

The last task for the students was to name the places or regions in Poland that are the most attractive for tourists in their opinion. The vast majority decided that Warsaw- the Polish capital city is worth seeing. Many respondents mentioned the Polish mountains and the Baltic beaches as attractive for students. Some answers included other Polish cities like Kraków or Gdańsk and other geographical regions such as Mazury Lake District.